Thursday, January 14, 2010

stubborn kid

The temperature drop down from 30 to 27 deg Celsius and i am used to this kind of weather, it always happens during or a few weeks after New Year's eve. The time when most of us enjoy snoring in our beds and beneath our blankets.

Well anyway, that has nothing to do with what I am carrying for roughly a year-and-a-half now.

I was an inbound customer agent for a pretty good company somewhere in the south, it was my first job after my college days (actually its my first job in my whole life), so I was keen and always tried to avoid doing violations like being late or releasing a yelling customer's call.

I just finished my last call for the day, and as always I would still stay in my station and work with my unfinished business (open tickets, pending credits and such) then I logged out and headed to the lobby.

My ID was not doing its job, it wont open the door for me so I waited until someone with a cooperative ID did it. Francis, Norie and some of my officemates are already there, we always hang for a while before we go home just to delay walking our way under a 12 noon angry UV rays which really hurt my sleepy-eyes (since our shift began around 1am.. wtf).

Francis, Norie and I decided to have lunch before we go home since we live far from the office and afraid that we might starve while on our way home. We walked our way to a nearby mall about 5 blocks away. We had a good conversation and even joked around because i accidentally flooded my cup of rice with gravy (when I thought that the pitcher cover was locked but then again..) I warned Francis about it but he didn't seem to hear me so we went back to the table and ate our Gravy-covered rice, (you wont even know there's rice until you slice it).

On my way home in a public jeepney, I tried to fight my dropping eyelids but so much for that, I woke up and realized that I almost missed my stop. Our house is situated along the national road like a commercial space, (a lot of people keep on suggesting me to turn our house into a small-business center but I am not yet stable and not yet ready for that). I quickly reached the house after I jumped down the jeepney. I have 2 dogs, 1 barked excitedly when he saw me and the other jumped and ran around in a hyper way (as if she saw a bag of juicy bones).

I entered the house, we have a not so good house, we barely open our windows to avoid dust coming from the vehicles outside, it was kinda dark inside and I noticed something unusual.

Everyday, when I get home, My sister would always be watching TV, (by the way my sister has a Down's Syndrome, you know those kids that looked identical even though they are not relatives? yes, my sister is one of them, she is deaf and mute and still acts and look like a kid although she is already 30.) but that afternoon was different from what I'm used to.

My sister was duck-seated on the floor in front of our wooden sofa chair, she had a poker face that time that just threw wood in my already-burning anxiety (and fear).

Before that afternoon..

.....kindly wait for my next post...

as for southern-spike.

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